Ask An Expert: Passage planning on ECDIS with Vincent Fernandes

Ask An Expert Passage planning on ECDIS with Vincent Fernandes
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In a recent decision on the CMA CGM Libra, the UK Supreme Court has affirmed the lower courts’ judgments that a defective passage plan can render a vessel unseaworthy. What are the implications of this for the Ship Owners and operators today.

About this video 

In the latest series of “Ask An Expert”, Capt Anuj Velankar talks with Capt Vincent Fernandes, Author of “ECIDS Blues” on the subject of passage planning on ECDIS. The grounding of CMA CGM Libra took place more than 10 years back on paper charts.
Capt Vincent speaks on the ECDIS perspective on the grounding and discusses various aspects of passage planning to see if the same issues that led to the grounding on paper chats, could happen today on ECDIS. There is further discussion on steps that the bridge team could take to avoid making these errors and some best practices in relation to making and monitoring passage plans on ECDIS.
Members are also encouraged to view the Webinar (Series 21) on the UK Supreme Court judgment on the CMA CGM Libra taking place on 02 December (8am GMT). The recording will be available on the UK Club website after the live event.

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