Catastrophic Fires: Phone-a-Friend with Richard Gunn

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The UK P&I Club recently held a Webinar on the subject of Catastrophic fires. There was an unfortunate technical issue during the recording so the webinar is not currently available on the Club’s website.

As a part of the webinar, a recording was carried out with Richard Gunn, partner with the law firm Reed Smith on the legal issues associated with a casualty involving a large fire. A short edited version was played as a part of the webinar, and the full version of the conversation can be found here.

In the following video, Richard talks with the host of the Webinar, Capt Anuj Velankar, covering issues such as practical issues dealing with identification of the causation of the fire, associated obligations of the Shippers and charterers, issues related to Slots charter on liner services, breaking the causation chain, issues with the admissibility of investigation report and how Owners can balance a good investigation report while protecting their legal rights. Richard also touches on the issues with General average and criminalization of seafarers.  

The webinars are an effort of the UKP P&I Club to promote safety and best practices and are currently being held on a monthly basis. If you would like to be included in the mailing list, reach out to your Club contact or the Loss prevention team.

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