Tackling container ship issues: 'Container casualties - the sum of the parts'

Tackling container ship issues Container casualties the sum of the parts
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The UK P&I Club and TT Club held a joint webinar recently on tackling prevalent container ship issues.

Significant container loss incidents attract attention. Overall, the industry losses amount to roughly one unit per 160,000 carried. Of course, each loss has significance to a range of stakeholders, including the ship operators, cargo interests, insurers, environmental groups etc.

This webinar explores the complex range of ‘moving parts’ in container ship operations. TT Club was intensively involved in what became the SOLAS VGM regulations in 2016 (dealing with identification and communication of cargo mass) and is currently campaigning for ‘cargo integrity’. Such cargo specific matters inevitably interact with shore- and ship-based processes related to stowage planning, that themselves link to issues of physical lashing, operational decisions and other maritime vagaries.

Using Competent Authority reports into recent incidents, the webinar panel debate what steps the industry can take to protect all interests.

Members can view the webinar in its entirety below, or over on our Vimeo page.

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