Speedy Claims Resolution

Shipowners rely on their P&I clubs to handle liability claims financially and administratively so they can get on with running their ships without detriment to customer relationships.

P&I claims often represent complex incidents for our Members. They involve stakeholder interests, in addition to their own valued customers, such as trade partners and regulatory authorities. Quick and equitable resolution is key if those relationships are to be preserved.

Time is of the essence

The Club’s extensive office network provides direct support for most time zones. Initial assistance may be co-ordinated by a P&I correspondent on the spot who will remain in close touch with the Club. If necessary lawyers and technical experts will be instructed to assist.

The acceptance of non-financial guarantees and other arrangements that avoid detention or delay of ships by claimants looking to secure their claim is a key benefit of the reputation and security of the UK Club.

Every effort is made to defend Members against liabilities, drawing on every relevant defence available. But, the Club takes a realistic view and will recommend settlement when they judge it to be in your best interest. In general, their duty is to dispose of claims against you as economically as possible.

Clarity & transparency

At the UK Club we will advise promptly on the value of the claim and provide an estimate of the likely outcome. A separate strategic budget estimates legal, survey fees and other claims handling costs.

The Club aims to reimburse authorised claims within 10 days. We will provide you with an explanation of any items of a claim not recoverable from the Club.

Strong relationships

The Club’s disciplined approach to all financial matters has not come at the cost of its traditional role. Through our established network of qualified and capable claims handlers supports and guides Members through the complex contractual chains and liabilities that can arise in modern shipping operations.

Their expertise deals with a wide range of claims related challenges including pollution, personal injury, contrasting international judicial systems, controlling legal costs and dealing with media exposure.

In contrast with conventional insurers the UK Club devotes considerable resources and expertise to helping its Members avoid the accidents and mishaps which lead to claims.

The UK Club’s office network provides support and advice with a round-the-clock service every day of the year. Members benefit from dealing with people they know, who understand the nature of their business and particular insurance requirements.

Many of our staff are lawyers. Some are master mariners. Others have experience in ship management. The level of individual support offered goes far beyond what you might reasonably expect from a commercial insurer.

Emphasis is on maintaining a regular dialogue with Members at an individual level. Members are supported by their own team of executives and claims processing staff to build up a personal working relationship with each Member in their care.

Global Guarantee

The Club has a truly international network with regional hubs in London, Greece, New Jersey and Hong Kong as well as branches and representative offices in Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai and San Francisco.

Our international network allows us to deliver local experience, understanding and expertise, advice and claims support is available every hour of every day for every time zone. We are not just close geographically. We work on understanding our Members’ business and devising solutions to match their needs.

As well as our strategic offices the UK Club’s correspondent network provides contact and support in 350 ports around the world. Most correspondents have historic relationships with the UK Club of many decades, working with us to make sure that support and local expertise is always available to Members and to the masters of their ships when in difficulty.

Our staff and correspondents work together to ensure that interruption to Members’ trading is minimised and claims incidents are dealt with quickly and competently to keep you trading.

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Alan Mackinnon

Chief Claims Officer (CCO)
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Case study

Tsakos & UK Club gain victory for shipowners in the US Supreme Court

The many years of effort, which have culminated in the above decision, underscore our confidence in the rule of law while the Supreme Court's decision underlines the importance & significance of safe, understood and applied marine navigation practices, which have safeguarded human life at sea, the protection and preservation of the marine environment as well as property.