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Financial strength and stability, speedy claims resolution, a strong working relationship with their club, the best risk management and loss prevention advice, an understanding of shipowners’ business priorities – and the ability to project those qualities and service across a broad international network. This is what our Members need, and what the UK Club delivers.

The UK Club is proactive in International Group issues and the spread of expertise across the Thomas Miller group enables the Club to enjoy the benefit of leadership in a wide range of international issues, including sanctions, piracy and developing case law.

Standard cover

We provide Protection and Indemnity insurance in respect of third party liabilities and expenses arising from owning ships or operating ships as principals. Our comprehensive

mutual P&I cover protects our Members third party liability for a range of situations including: pollution, crew and other personal injury, collisions, cargo liabilities, dock/property damage, wreck removal and fines.

As a member of the International Group of P&I Clubs the UK Club is able to provide cover at much higher levels than would usually be available in the commercial market through the International Group Pool.

  • Personal injury to or illness or loss of life of crew members
  • Personal injury to or loss of life of stevedores
  • Personal injury to or illness or loss of life of passengers and others
  • Loss of personal effects
  • Diversion expenses
  • Life salvage 
  • Collision Liabilities
  • Loss or damage to property other than cargo
  • Pollution
  • Towage contract liabilities
  • Liabilities under contracts and indemnities
  • Wreck liabilities
  • Cargo liabilities
  • Cargo's proportion of general average or salvage
  • Certain expenses of salvors
  • Fines
  • "Omnibus" cover


  • UK P&I Club 2020 Rule (526 KB)


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  • 2020 Spring Financial Update (709 KB)


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  • Application Form 2020 (45 KB)


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  • Application Form for New Assured 2020 (41 KB)


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  • Letter of Undertaking 2020 (21 KB)


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  • Laid-up Declaration and Return of Call Application 2020 (40 KB)


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  • 2020 Application for MLC Certificates – Renewal form (118 KB)


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  • P&I MLC Certificates Application form for Vessels attaching during 2020 (129 KB)


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  • HFO Declaration (36 KB)


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  • Application to PandI Club for Athens 2002 PLR War Blue Card 2020 (52 KB)


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We take a disciplined approach to underwriting and risk selection and the Club aims for a combined ratio of 100 per cent or lower.