The UK Club offers a tailored solution to provide extended cover beyond your standard P&I policy for additional risks for both Owners and Charterers.

Whatever your transport insurance needs, a Thomas Miller managed business will provide a market-leading solution.

Contractual cover is available with various policy limits covering contractual clauses and indemnities excluded by the rules, including waiver of rights of limitation, assumption of liability for third party losses or damage to third party property, contractual naming and waiving obligations, and assumption of liabilities under non-reciprocal ‘knock for knock’ agreements.

Crew familiarisation insurance protects against liabilities stemming from the presence of officers, crew, supernumeraries, supercargoes, superintendents or any other personnel onboard a non-owned vessel.

Crew management insurance covers shipowners’ legal liabilities to crew members under their crew employment contracts or agreements, subject to those contracts or agreements being approved by the Club.

Special war risks P&I excess cover is provided for claims in excess of the proper value of the entered ship as defined in Rule 5D or whatever sum is recoverable from war risk underwriters, whichever is the greater.

Passenger extension covers liabilities to passengers when they are not actually on board an entered ship, including journeys to join and leave the ship and during arranged shore excursions and other off-ship activities.

In the container trades, major shippers’ service contracts may contain terms more onerous than the traditional Hague and Hague-Visby standard and these usually prejudice P&I insurance. Our extended cargo cover can insure the additional liability assumed by a shipowner.

Shipowners’ and charterers’ liabilities arising out of indemnities in non-approved North American oil pollution response agreements, including the Marine Spill Response Corporation dispersant addendum, can be insured by us.

We provide cover in respect of liabilities that may be incurred during ordinary harbour towage and may, by special arrangement, offer you cover on appropriate terms for situations beyond harbour towage. We also give cover for liabilities under the terms of the usual contracts for towage by your ship or another ship or object. However, some contracts are unusual or have indemnities which cannot be Pooled and require additional covers. The Club has worked with owners signing onerous contracts which are not on knock for knock basis.

The Club is the leading liability underwriter for LNG and LPG gas vessels and assists Members by reviewing terminal use contracts. Many contracts include liabilities which fall outside the Group standard cover and the UK Club offers an additional cover of $150 million to meet Members’ needs when signing indemnities.

A range of fixed-premium hull and P&I cover is available for yachts and vessels smaller than 5000 GT. Cover can be provided for crew members and passengers while they are taking part of in off-ship recreational activities such as motorised water sports.

Additional cover is offered beyond standard P&I cover for salvors undertaking salvage services, whether operating from their own ships or not, as well as for pollution liabilities from salvage operations away from entered ships.

Insurance is offered for any liabilities arising out specialist operations for which cover is excluded or restricted either under standard P&I cover, such as dredging, pile-driving, cable-laying, non-poolable towage, diving, salvage and heavy lifting.

Additional cover can be provided for vessels engaged in specialist supply and towing activities not covered under standard P&I insurance.

Shipowners’ liabilities (SOL) is a tailored cover against deviation from the standard route or the agreed bill of lading where there is cargo liability exposure. We can cover specific incidents of deviations from the bill of lading but an inclusive SOL cover can provide for liberties to deviate under the policy period. A SOL policy essentially replaces or buys back standard P&I cover with a fixed premium cover, typically with a limit of between US$10-50 million.

Additional Oil Spill Response Organisation insurance can be provided for contracts where the liability regime is more onerous than permitted under International Group guidelines, as well as pollution general average cover for charter parties such as in the Exxonvoy 90, where preventive pollution costs cannot be passed on to charterers or cargo owners and so remain your responsibility.

Charterers and traders insurance is available to charterers of ships on both a time and voyage basis. Cover includes risks covered by conventional P&I insurance, including pollution, cargo, personal injury, fines and wreck removal, as well as additional risks specific to charterers, such as damage to hull, detention, contribution to general average and salvage, and war and terrorism.

Our bunkers additional cover protects charterers against the risk of using off specification bunkers on a chartered vessel, even if the ship’s machinery is not damaged. The Club also cover the costs of removing, replacing, and disposing of the bunkers, cleaning the ship’s tanks and engines, and associated off-hire costs.

The Club can cover charterers’ liabilities for physical loss or damage to a vessel, such as by stevedores or off-specification bunkers, as well as contributions towards general average and/or sue and labour expenses.

Where operators have reciprocal space sharing with other operators, though they issue their own bills of lading, the standard Rules cover generally provides USD 350 million coverage per event.

However, operators frequently buy space or slots where the basis is not reciprocal, and hence need additional coverage. The Club offers various limits of coverage for the potential exposure to cargo claims under a bill of lading where cargo is carried on another owner's ship.

The Club offers crew managers cover for contractual and other liability to crew.

Freight demurrage and defence (FD&D) cover is available from another Thomas Miller managed club, the UK Defence Club. It provides cover to shipowners and operators for legal and other costs incurred in relation to disputes that are uninsured. Examples include hire and re-delivery disputes, newbuilding disputes with shipyards, sale and purchase disputes, bunker contamination claims, disputes over the safety of ports or berths, slot charter disputes, oil major and other ship vetting disputes and disputes with agents, brokers or indeed other underwriters.

Cover for all aspects of container shipping is provided by another Thomas Miller managed club, TT Club. The club provides a wide range of insurance for the liabilities and assets of operators through the supply chain, including ports and terminals, owners and operators of carrying equipment, and transport and logistics operators. It also underwrites cargo for all risks.

Primary war risks cover is available from our sister Thomas Miller-managed clubs, UK War Risks Club and, for Greek owners, Hellenic War Risks. It covers damage and loss caused by deliberate acts of third parties against a ship. This includes cover for losses caused by war, civil war, revolution and rebellion, or capture, seizure, arrest, restraint or detention. Also covered are claims arising from terrorists, people acting maliciously or from a political motive, piracy or violent theft by people from outside the ship. Cover also extends to mines, torpedoes, bombs or other weapons of war (even when derelict) and strikes and labour disturbances.

Professional indemnity cover for shipping professionals is provided by International Transport Intermediaries Club (ITIC). It covers claims of negligence, errors and omissions and can extend to specialist areas like directors’ and officers’ insurance, debt collection, commission income, loss of management fees, cash in transit and cargo liability insurance.