Market-leading Charterers & Traders Cover

Our comprehensive Charterers & Traders standard cover can be supplemented by a wide range of additional covers – including specialist offshore energy sector cover − to provide you with a comprehensive and cost-effective insurance and risk management solution.

Charterers & Traders Standard Cover

Our standard Charterers’ & Traders cover protects you up to US$ 1 billion for the following risks:

• Damage to hull
• Liability to persons
• Diversion expenses
• Stowaways and refugees
• Life salvage
• Collision and contact
• Loss or damage to property
• Pollution risks
• Liability arising out of towage of or by an entered ship
• Liability arising under certain indemnities and contracts
• Wreck liabilities
• Obstruction liabilities
• Quarantine expenses
• Cargo liabilities
• General Average and salvage
• Fines
• Enquiry expenses
• Expenses incidental to the operation of ships
• Sue and labour and legal costs
• Expenses incurred by direction of the Club

See our Charterers Terms & Conditions 2023 for full details.

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Charterers & Traders Additional Covers

We provide a range of additional covers to our standard cover to ensure the unique aspects of your business are properly protected.

Our standard Charterers & Traders cover can extend to P&I and damage-to-hull liabilities you may incur as owner of the cargo on board.

Cargo service contracts often need similarly tailored P&I cover to match the onerous liabilities they impose. Therefore our standard Charterers & Traders cover can be extended to cover your cargo liabilities in situations such as deviation of a vessel from the contract voyage, lightering cover to other than scheduled loading or unloading berth, and carriage of any bullion and bank notes as cargo.

Your bunkers are a valuable property at risk of loss in maritime accidents. This additional cover will indemnify you for the value of bunkers lost based on Institute Cargo Clauses (C) 1/1/82 clause 254, Institute War Clauses (Cargo) 1/1/82 clause 255 and Institute Strike Clauses (Cargo) 1/1/82 clause 256.

Sometimes you may have to enter into contracts that impose liability irrespective of fault, or which contain terms more onerous than ‘knock for knock’ or Hague Visby. Strict liability can be imposed by service contracts, or when contracting with stevedores, tugs, bunker suppliers or terminals.

These strict liabilities can be covered under this tailor-made extension.

This extension covers your liability for loss, shortage, damage or other responsibility to cargo carried by a means of transport other than the chartered vessel, when the liability arises under a through or transhipment bill of lading, or other form of contract approved by the underwriter.

This extension covers your liability incurred as a non-vessel-operating common carrier (NVOCC) in respect of cargoes loaded under your approved bill of lading on vessels not owned or chartered by you.

Why you should choose the UK P&I Club

Finding the right P&I club is about securing right cover at the right price. In a complex landscape of risks, access to value-added services are invaluable.

As a market leader in charterer and trader risk, we offer a dedicated team with in-house and industry experience, who provide the highest level of understanding, service and support for your risk management needs. So, whether it might be a concern about the intricacies or nature of cover, troubleshooting on a particular claim, a contractual query or dispute, we are ready to help with any issues your business may face. We appreciate that, by the nature and size of your operations, no one charterer or trader is ever the same. That is why we not only recognise this fact, but we actively prioritise its importance.

Value-added services can provide crucial support to help charterers and traders to gain invaluable knowledge and insight when fixing ships and increase efficiency when dealing with the insurance side of the trade. Charterers and traders insured by the Club benefit from a variety of additional services, from contract review through to our market-leading digital platform, which provides them access to all their documents and live statistics at their convenience.

We offer a contract review service to the charterers and traders we insure, through which we assist them by: identifying terms in their contracts which are prejudicial or unfavourable to them, drafting improved, replacement or additional terms for them to negotiate with their counterparts, and highlighting any gap(s) in their P&I cover so that underwriters can assist them to obtain additional cover to plug those gaps.

The UK P&I Club is proactive in keeping track of many developments and issues in the maritime industry. This, plus the spread of expertise across our manager Thomas Miller, enables the Club to enjoy the benefit of leadership in a wide range of international issues, including sanctions, piracy and developing case law. More importantly, the charterers and traders we insure benefit greatly from the experience and knowledge we have built up throughout our 150-year history. We offer courses and publish circulars on a regular basis, where we highlight relevant and important developments in the industry to ensure our clients have access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

The UK P&I Club has developed a market-leading intuitive digital platform which allows charterers and brokers to have 24/7 access to essential data, which is daily refreshed to reduce the burden of managing the insurance side of things. Key benefits of our digital platform include:

  • access to your documents such as certificates and invoices at your own convenience
  • live loss records and claims details
  • live financial figures, including outstanding premiums and contras
  • ability to make high-level analysis from different angles, such as trade and claims type
  • digitally updating your liability underwriting information, allowing a smooth and quicker renewal process.

We can deliver presentations to your staff on topical subjects in person, in house or via video link. We can also produce and deliver bespoke content and training tailored to your specific requirements. Examples of topics covered include:

  • Additional covers for charterers
  • Bills of lading and blockchain
  • Bills of lading: blending and commingling
  • Bills of lading: splitting, cancelling and re-issuing
  • Bunker claims and dispute resolution: a practical guide
  • Casualty management and pollution risks for charterers
  • Charterers’ considerations
  • Charterers’ guide to speed and performance warranties
  • Charterparty cancellation and redelivery
  • Damage-to-hull case studies: lessons learnt
  • Dry cargo demurrage workshop: including time counting, weather delays, strikes, stoppages and despatch.
  • Hold cleaning and off-hire (dry cargo specific)
  • Interim port clauses (tanker specific)
  • Laytime and demurrage: charterparty versus sales contract considerations
  • Laytime and demurrage: time bar workshop
  • Letters of indemnity: panacea or peril?
  • Safe port/safe berth warranties in the tanker trades
  • Sanctions and cover
  • Sanctions clauses
  • Ship-to-ship operations: overview from a Club perspective
  • Tank preparation and cleaning disputes (tanker specific)
  • Tanker demurrage workshop: including time counting, breakdown of machinery, pumping warranties and documentation.

See for full training menu.


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