Our Safety & Risk Management division provides our Members with the breadth of resources and guidance to help them navigate increasingly complex risk environments. 

We understand the dynamic challenges facing shipowners and operators today which is why we've repositioned our services to offer a comprehensive approach to identifying and mitigating risks. 

Our Safety & Risk Management division is built upon five key pillars:

  • Fleet Quality: Ensuring high standards of vessel quality and maintenance.
  • Loss Prevention: Proactively identifying and mitigating potential losses.  
  • Crew Wellbeing: Prioritising the health and safety of seafarers.
  • Industry Collaboration: Partnering with stakeholders to set industry standards.
  • Environment: Addressing the challenges of alternative fuels.

Meet the Safety & Risk Management Team.

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Stuart Edmonston

Safety & Risk Management Director

T: +44 20 7204 2341

M: +44 7917 472996

E: stuart.edmonston@thomasmiller.com



10:58 | Thursday, 21 June

Containership in port

Fleet Quality

We help our Members to ensure that their entered ships operate as safely and as cleanly as possible


Loss Prevention

We offer our Members unrivalled resources to keep their crews healthy, happy and safe.

crew health resilience

Crew Wellbeing

The Crew Health programme is the leading loss prevention initiative within the UK P&I Club


Industry Collaboration

We partner with a wide variety of industry experts to provide a high level of resources to our Members.



We are committed to addressing the challenges of the alternative fuels.