The UK P&I Club are excited to announce that Carefully to Carry: Consolidated Edition 2023 is ready and available to purchase.

This essential guide to the safe carriage, loading and storage of cargo encapsulates the full range of potential issues and dangers around the transporting of bulk cargoes, from the characteristics and risks inherent in specific goods, hold preparation and hatch covers, to best practice when loading and unloading. A near exhaustive range of cargoes are covered within the guide, including timber, gases, grain, steel and other metals, bulk goods, refrigerated goods, liquid bulk cargoes, packaged cargoes and more. Use of this book will assist in reducing both the possibility of expensive cargo damage and the number of tragic incidents and personal injuries that unfortunately continue to occur.

The Consolidated Edition 2023 has been updated to reflect the most recent regulatory changes, and highlights the most current thinking in the industry and is a compilation of renowned international cargo experts working alongside claims and loss prevention specialists from the UK Club.

"The 2023 consolidated edition of the UK P&I Club's Carefully to Carry represents over 60 years' worth of experience from several generations of international cargo experts together with claims and loss prevention specialists at one of the world's leading P&I clubs. The first 'consolidated edition' appeared in 2018 and this 2023 edition marks the first of what we predict will be a long-running series of periodic updates of this definitive best practice guide on the carriage, loading and stowage of most types of seaborne cargo. Long may it continue." Dimitris Fafalios, Chairman of INTERCARGO.

If you are a Member of the UK P&I Club and would like to receive one complimentary copy of Carefully to Carry, please contact Katie Hill. Additional copies can be purchased directly from Witherby's here.

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Stuart Edmonston

Safety & Risk Management Director
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