Protecting shipping globally. Together.

The UK P&I Club is one of the oldest P&I clubs in the world. It has endured for a century and a half with its continuing focus on mutuality. The UK Club has remained constant, weathering periods of profound economic and political change.

Providing a superior service to members at cost has always been the Club’s central purpose. Irrespective of the times, staying true to our specialist role has demanded rigorous financial control.    

Our loss prevention department was one of the earliest in the P&I business, and it remains the most extensive, helping to reduce members’ exposure to claims. Other modern initiatives include the in-depth analysis of major claims, conducting on-board risk assessments and sharing training videos with seafarers and shore personnel on lessons learned, drawn from our database. Since the era of the mid-Victorian tramp steamer, The UK P&I Club has looked ahead with its members. The past has enabled us to help prepare the maritime world for future challenges. 

For a safer tomorrow at sea, we are championing best industry practice and investing in innovation. The UK P&I Club will continue to focus on what it does best: protecting shipping globally, together.  

Strong financial position

The UK Club focusses on financial strength through sound management. This is the best way to serve our Members’ interests, now and in the future. This policy has enabled the Club to be one of the financially strongest clubs in the International Group. The UK Club provides Members with security with its A Standard & Poor's rating.

Expert actuarial analysis

Only the UK Club has its own team of actuaries that analyse the performance of claims using the internal model developed in response to the forthcoming ‘Solvency 2’ regulations.  Their work also contributes to a comprehensive programme of reinsurances specific to the UK Club designed to protect the Club from the impact of a significant surge in claims.


Free reserves

The Club's financial position remains strong as free reserves grew by $54 million to $559 million as at 20 February 2020. This was driven by an exceptional investment return of 9.6% for the year. The Club continues to meet all of its regulatory capital requirements and Standard & Poor's reaffirmed the Club's A rating in November 2020.

150 years of the UK Club