Loading Soya Beans in Brazil - Practical Guidance

Loading of Soya beans at Santos

The UK P&I Club’s correspondents in Brazil, Representacoes Proinde Ltda, have published on their website a Practical Guidance entitled Loading Soya Beans in Brazil. This publication is more than a simple guide on the loading and stowing of soya beans. It provides a comprehensive overview of the soya bean trade in Brazil starting with the history of the soya bean’s first arrival in Brazil from the United States in 1882 and goes on to discuss the cultivation of soya beans as a crop in Brazil, the annual national production figures, the annual export figures, the export routes for the beans, the grading of the beans, and much more. We believe Members will find this publication both an interesting read and a useful source of reference.

For more information on the topic of soya bean cargo please refer to the Club's Ask an Expert video where Dr. Stephanie Heard, Food Scientist with CWA International, joins Captain Anuj Velankar of the UK P&I Club, to explore the main issues and claims that arise during the transport of soybean cargo.

Jacqueline Tan

Legal Services Manager