ECM Client Alert 9-2019 USCG Port Security Advisory 2-19

USCG Port Security Advisory (2-19) - Conditions of Entry on vessels arriving from ports in Djibouti - To take effect from 30 May, 2019

On 16 May 2019, the USCG issued Port Security Advisory (2-19), announcing the imposition of Conditions of Entry on vessels arriving from all ports in Djibouti, with the exception of Doraleh Container Terminal and Doraleh Oil Terminal (Horizon).

Djibouti has been added to an existing list of countries/ports that have previously been determined to have inadequate and/or ineffective anti-terrorism measures in place.

For additional information, Members are referred to ECM Maritime Services' Client Alert 9-2019 dated 17 May 2019 which is attached above.


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