Port State Control fines on vessels at Ghanaian ports

We have recently seen an increase in Port State Control fines on vessels at Ghanaian ports.

Local inspectors are visiting vessels and paying particular attention to discharge of what they say is untreated wastewater and vessel records concerning garbage and oily water separators. 

Fines are as high as USD 60,000.00 and vessels are not allowed to sail until payment of the fine is agreed. The Ghanaian Maritime Authority (GMA) are not open to negotiating the fines. It is suggested that Owners check the local requirements closely with their appointed agent before arriving at Ghanaian ports.

If in doubt, it is recommended that nothing is discharged into local waters when at Ghanaian ports and Masters should ensure all waste records are up to date. 

Members can see the GMA circular below. We also want to thank our local correspondents, Africa Marine Services, for providing us with this information.




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Neil Beckwith

Correspondent Manager/Senior Claims Executive