Application Process for MLC Certificates

Members are referred to Circular 16/16: Amended MLC financial requirements, advising Members that all Clubs in the International Group would shortly provide information to Members about the process for obtaining MLC Certificates. The application process for MLC Certificates for UK Club Members is outlined below.

  • Members may apply for MLC Certificates, using the Application Form on our website, on a per vessel or per fleet basis. 
  • Renewing Members may obtain MLC Certificates valid from 18 January 2017 until 20 February 2018. In this instance the UK P&I Club will issue 2 sets of Certificates at the same time. The first covering period 18-01-2017 to 20-02-2017 and then another covering 20-02-2017 to 20-02-2018.
  • New Members' Certificates run from 20 February 2017 - 20 February 2018 (or from date of attachment.)
  • Members wishing to have MLC Certificates for the 2017 policy year prior to having agreed renewal will need to provide the Club with relevant undertakings, as specified in the application form, which must be signed and dated.

Once completed, the application must be submitted to or your usual underwriting contact.

Members will be issued with the MLC Certificates in a pdf format. Members should print copies of the Certificates and ensure that they are posted in a conspicuous place on board their vessels where they are available to seafarers no later than 18 January 2017. No further Certificate (i.e. Flag States) will be required. However some Flag States may require their owners to supply a copy of their MLC Certificates.

Once MLC Certificates are issued they will available on the UK Club Ship search facility and via Members underwriting online. This will provide a reliable form of verification by Flag State and Port State authorities.

Members requiring further information should contact their usual underwriting contact.



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