Risk Awareness: Cargo Claims - LNG Tankers


An aid to risk identification and loss reduction.

Use our colour-coded checklist to build your awareness of the risks and the steps needed to minimise them - download below. 

In each Risk Awareness issue we outline the potential threats (something that if not controlled may lead to a P&I claim), the potential consequences and how to control them. In this issue we cover the following threats:

  • Contamination / cargo leakage
  • Cargo shortage / loss
  • Pre-shipment quality
  • Temperature
  • Equipment failure / loss of automation
  • Stability error
  • Mooring issues
  • Fire / explosion damage
  • Pre-loading / discharge planning

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For more information please get in touch with our Loss Prevention team: lossprevention.ukclub@thomasmiller.com who will be pleased to assist you. 


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