Circular 2/97: ISM Template - Model Safety Management System



Dear Sirs

ISM Template - model safety management system

This letter and the enclosed product - ISM Template - contains valuable information. It should be passed to the person in your company with responsibility for ISM Code compliance.

In circulars dated July, 1994 and August, 1996 the Association reminded Members that compliance with the ISM Code will become mandatory under SOLAS from 1 July, 1998 in relation to tankers, bulk carriers, passenger ships and cargo high speed craft, and from 1 July, 2002 in relation to other cargo ships. Members were also provided with complimentary copies of the ICS/ISF Guidelines on the Application of the ISM Code.

Compliance will be certified on behalf of flag states by classification societies or other recognised organisations. The certification process requires the ship operator to show that his safety management system (SMS) has been implemented and internally audited for at least three months. This means that to achieve compliance by 1 July, 1998, systems should be put in place before 1 April, 1998. Although implementation can take 18 months to accomplish, many ship operators have barely begun their preparations.

The Association has therefore obtained a model SMS (based on a proven system already implemented by a vessel operator) to provide an example of full SMS documentation with which owners can compare their existing activities, enabling them to utilise some aspects and to adapt others to their particular operational needs and safety concerns. A complimentary copy of the system - called ISM Template - is being sent to all Members. Please find your copy enclosed.

ISM Template

The content of ISM Template has been assessed and certified by Lloyd's Register as being in compliance with the ISM Code. However if you choose to use ISM Template to help you build your own SMS, you must edit and adapt it to reflect the way you operate to comply with the Code. Before attempting to use ISM Template, please carefully read the attached booklet.

ISM Template can be made available to companies who are not Members of the Association at a cost of US$3,000 (plus VAT if within the EC). The Association has appointed Ugland Interocean Quality Systems (who were contracted to develop ISM Template from an existing SMS) as the marketing agent for sales to non-Members.

If your fleet is subject to the July 1998 deadline, you are recommended not to delay your preparations for compliance. Even if you do not have to comply until July 2002, you will find in ISM Template a useful illustration of what compliance involves and a comprehensive checklist of policies and procedures relevant to safety.

Yours faithfully

Nigel Carden
Loss Prevention Director
Thomas Miller P&I Ltd.
as agents for Thos R Miller & Son (Bermuda)

is prepared in English in Word for Windows software, which you will need to obtain to enjoy the full benefit of the template. Alternatively, you can use Microsoft's free software Word Viewer to read and print the contents of ISM Template (but this will not allow you to edit and use it as the basis of your own SMS). Word Viewer can be obtained at no cost from the Microsoft home page on the Internet, or on diskette from Microsoft or its subsidiary in your country.

Staff Author