Risk Focus:タグボートとバージ船


UK P&I クラブにはタグボートやバージ船の所有者・運航者に賠償責任保険を提供してきた長い歴史があります。今回のリスクフォーカスは、タグボートやバージの所有者・運航者のためのベスト・プラクティス促進を目的として発行されました。

The UK P&I Club has a long history of providing liability insurance for owners and operators of tugs and barges. 

P&I insurance provides cover against a wide range of events, including damage to other vessels or structures; pollution; damage to or loss of cargo; injury or illness of crew and third-party personnel; wreck removal; etc. However, analysis of claims over the past twenty years identifies clear trends occurring within this specific trade.

This Risk Focus is intended to promote best practice covering vessel owners and operators with tugs and barges. 

It is informative and not directional in nature. It does not present legal advice. Vessel owners and operators must refer to and comply with Flag State and Classification Society Rules and Guidelines, as applicable, and as directed by the applicable Administration and Recognised Organisations.

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