As well as ship visits the Club organises condition surveys to enable managers to determine whether entered ships conform to acceptable standards. These are completed on the Club's Survey Form and are done on vessels for the following reasons:

  • When ships over 10 yrs old are entered in the club, this can be either a pre-entry or a post-entry condition survey
  • If after a visit by a club Risk Assessor, the inspector feels that the ship does not conform to the Clubs standards

  • Following a claim which could possibly have occurred due to a lapse in on board maintenance/management

  • If information is received from a third party e.g. PSC that the ship is below Club standard

  • If the ship changes classification societies, usually from an IACS to a non IACS society

  • If after a lengthy period of lay up ( 6 months or more) a ship is re-activated

It is important to note the condition that surveys are carried out by independent surveyors appointed by the ship inspection department.

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