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Signum Services is the in-house investigative arm of UK P&I Club at Thomas Miller & Co. Ltd. The team conducts criminal investigations on behalf of the Members of the UK P&I Club, the UK Defence Club, the TT Club and ITIC.

Signum was established in 1953 and its investigators have always been former senior police officers recruited from the detective branch of The Metropolitan Police at New Scotland Yard. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of criminal activity and will often travel the world investigating every conceivable type of criminal activity affecting Club Members.

Expertise & experience

The current investigators have over 60 years of policing skills having served on various  specialised squads at the sharp end of modern day policing and are specialists in covert surveillance.

Their qualifications enable them to inquire into any incident which a Member may suspect has a criminal aspect. In the Maritime and Transport world they have been called upon to investigate murder, suspicious deaths (including suicides), assaults (including sexual assaults), arson, many forms of fraud / cybercrime, fraudulent personal injury claims, stowaway-related problems, people smuggling, drug smuggling, criminal damage, container and general cargo crime, port based organised crime and every conceivable type of theft.  

Signum is a very unique asset to the Clubs in the world of maritime and transport cargo loss investigation.



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