The UK Club's offshore cover provides a comprehensive package to meet liabilities and losses incurred by owners, operators or charterers in the offshore sector.

Who we cover

We have an established Offshore and Oil & Gas Membership which includes the following insured units:

  • Tugs, anchor handling and platform supply vessels
  • Offshore and diving support vessels
  • Windfarm installation and support vessels
  • Pipe and cable laying vessels
  • Dredgers
  • Seismic research vessels
  • FPSOs, FLNGs, FSUs


Standard P&I cover can be offered on mutual basis or fixed premium basis for non-poolable units. Market wide limits are available.

Cover Documents 2022

  • 47824_Offshore Terms Text 03 (738 KB)


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  • 47530Offshore Additional Covers v3 FINAL (491 KB)


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  • 47530Offshore Specialist Additional Covers v2 FINAL (501 KB)


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Cover Documents Pre-2022

  • Offshore Terms and Conditions 2021 (7 MB)


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  • Offshore Specialist_Operations_Additional Cover book (996 KB)


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  • Offshore Additional Cover for Charterers 2021 (997 KB)


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  • UKPIOffshore Infographicroll over4 1 (312 KB)


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  • WindFarm_Generic_Brochure FINAL Dec 21 (3 MB)


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Extending P&I cover whilst the insured vessel/unit is undertaking Specialist Operations.

Extending P&I cover whilst the insured vessel/unit is undertaking Offshore Underwater Operations.

Covering the legal and contractual liabilities arising out of third parties working in conjunction with the insured vessel/unit.

Where the vessel/unit operator has a contractual liability towards a third party’s assets whilst in their care, custody or control.

Covering the extended contractual liability following completion of the scope of work.

Covering non-seamen who are habitually assigned to the insured vessel / unit or seaman providing works and services away from the assigned vessel.

Covering the extended contractual excess liability specific to the insured vessel / unit’s scope of work.

Covering the contractual liability in relation to towage by or of the insured vessel / unit.