Rotterdam: Restrictions on container lashing operations onboard while vessels in port

Port of Rotterdam

Under the Port of Rotterdam Regulation (11.4.1), only crew onboard vessels under 170 m in length moored alongside the quay are allowed to undertake lashing operations onboard. For vessels longer than 170 m, such operations must be carried out by licensed shore based lashing companies.

In April 2020, a new Port Regulation (11.4.1a) was introduced prohibiting vessels from lashing/ unlashing containers onboard while the vessels are underway in the harbour basins and fairways of the port, to prevent accidents from what is considered to be a very unsafe practice.  

Inspections to enforce the above Regulations commenced on 1 September 2021. While the main focus currently appears to be on vessels under 170 m, all vessels in the port may be subject to inspection. Any violation of the regulations will result in fines the limits of which are as yet undetermined.

Dutch P&I’s Notification dated 03.09.21 may be downloaded below for additional details.


  • Dutch PandI Notification - Fines port of Rotterdam 171 KB


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