Circular 13/04: Members' 2005 Renewal Documentation

Outline and selecting 'Register Now' and click 'Register Now'. It gives access to Members' constantly updated claims data as well as underwriting data (Members' Loss Records, Terms and Fleet Statements). ClaimsTrac and Online Services are being constantly developed to provide more convenient access to the data held on the Club's systems. Underwriting Online and Charter Declarations Online are two of the systems that will be available in due course. Those Members experiencing difficulty registering for or accessing the UK Club's online services, including the update e-mails referred to in this circular, should contact Nick Whitear (tel: +44 20 7204 2334) or by e-mail -

  • Members' 2005 Loss Record statements will be made available via Online Services on the UK Club website
  • The Club will not be automatically mailing paper copies of the 2005 renewal documentation unless specifically requested.

  • Members who require paper copies to be mailed to them should follow the contact details at the end of this circular.

  • Members will be able to access their documentation at the end of October 2004.

  • Please ensure that you have registered to access On Line Services.


  • The Club strongly recommends that Members and their brokers ensure they are registered to use the Club's Online Services.

  • This can be achieved by visiting the Members' Area section of the Club website



For the 2005 renewal we have developed Renewal Online, an online system that will provide Members and their brokers with their renewal documentation, accessible at their convenience. The system will place copies of Members' Loss Record (as at 20th October 2004) together with Estimated Claims Details, Fleet List and Terms Summary in the Renewal Online section of Online Services. Access will be with the same username and password as is used at present.

As the Club's Online Services are well developed and tested, we are introducing Renewal Online at this renewal with a view to developing it over time into the main means of providing Members and their brokers with their renewal documentation. Please therefore ensure that you have registered to use the Club's Online Services and, if you have not, go to the Members' Area of

Members and brokers will be able to access their renewal documentation from the end of October 2004.

We understand that the online system may not be convenient for all Members. We would therefore ask those Members who require conventional paper copies of this documentation to contact the underwriting department (see contact box below) to ensure their timely despatch.

The Club's ClaimsTrac system is accessible via the internet with a registered username and password from or the Members' area of

Further information on the online availability of the renewal documentation is provided in the UK Club Update e-mail of 24th September.

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Members encountering difficulties with this new system of documentation should please advise Julie Page or Sue Jamieson at the underwriting department - e-mail:

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