2019 Rulebook order form

For the last two years the Club has not automatically printed hard copies of the Rule Book or the Correspondents book. For the 2019 policy year, the Club will continue to produce just pdf copies of both books which will be available to download from the Club website.

If you require hard copies of either book please click on the links below to go to the order form, where you can specify how many you require and to what address they should be sent. Pdf copies of both books will be available on the UK Club website from mid-February 2019.

The Club also maintains an app on iOS and Android dedicated to our Correspondents network with contact details for the UK Club's worldwide correspondents network. You can search by Port or Country to find the local correspondent in the Club's network. Unlike the print publication, the app will always have the latest contact details and port information available - ensuring that you get the right contact quickly. Click here to go to the Club's apps page.  

YES, I would like to order hard copies of the books

No thanks, I'm happy to access online copies

The Club welcomes feedback from our Members and Brokers. Should you have any comments or suggestions about the changes to the Rule Book mailing, please let us know at ukpandi@thomasmiller.com

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