434 - 10/05 - Fines for Entering Territorial Waters - North Korea

A Club vessel was recently fined US$10,000 for intruding into the territorial waters of North Korea, while on passage to Nampo port (North Korea). According to the notice of fine, as issued by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), the vessel was in violation of the ‘twelve mile navigation rule’ by passing the Changsan-got Cape at a distance of 6.5 nautical miles.

The US$10,000 fine was subjected upon the vessel in compliance with the Act of Rules of the DPRK Immigration Control Office – Chapter 6, Article 10, Item 2.

The image (right) shows the port of Nampo and the Cape to the South West, that the vessel passed within the territorial waters. The Club has been informed that the chart in use on board the vessel did not indicate a twelve mile restriction. The master was allegedly informed of the twelve mile rule by the Port agent.

Efforts were made to reduce the fine amount but these efforts failed, with the rules of the DPRK being strictly enforced.

Masters should be aware that such regulations are strictly enforced and violation taken seriously - any instructions with regard to territorial borders should be adhered to.

Source of information:

Loss Prevention Department

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