Safe Carriage of Nickel Ore


The Club wishes to remind Members of the liquefaction risks during the carriage of nickel ore, as the shipping community continues to witness further casualties.

Group A Cargos of the IMSBC code prove a real and present danger to the stability of the ship if allowed to liquefy, as the free surface flow effect and cargo shift can cause the ship to capsize with little or no warning.

As such, the Club wishes to remind Members that as per the attached circular they are required to notify the Managers if they intend to load a cargo of lateritic nickel ore as early as possible before loading commences.

Members requiring further information should contact their usual Club contact.

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  • 38013 - Circular10_15_SAFE_CARRIAGE_OF_NICKEL_ORE 36 KB


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  • 1173 - 09/19 - Safe Carriage of Nickel Ore 13 KB


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