UK P&I Club announces aviation standard human element safety training initiative with CAE

The UK Club has announced today at London International Shipping Week (LISW) that it had worked with CAE, the global leader in civil aviation training, on a human element safety training initiative based on aviation standards. The initiative will make available CAE’s comprehensive Maritime Crew Resource Management (MCRM) learning materials and Train the Trainer support to all UK P&I Club Members.

CAE’s MCRM trains vessel teams to identify and use all available resources in everyday situations and for occasions that require deep collaborative problem solving in complex and rapidly changing environments on board ship and between ship and shore. Key CAE MCRM learning includes optimal decision making, situational awareness, communications and team working based on aviation standards.

CAE’s MCRM has a long history in maritime human element training having developed the industry’s first Bridge Resource Management (BRM) course and subsequently CAE’s MCRM, training for the whole vessel team. The recently completed major update of CAE’s MCRM learning materials and comprehensive Train the Trainer preparation also reflects its human element expertise and training standards in aviation pilot training.

“As the global leader in aviation training, our mission is to enhance safety, efficiency and readiness,’’ said Nick Wilcox, CAE Business Leader Maritime Training. “UK P&I Club promotes best practice and innovation in the maritime industry, and CAE is delighted to be partnering with an organization that shares similar values.’’

Stuart Edmonston, Director of Loss Prevention at UK P&I Club, said: “We are excited to have the opportunity to work with CAE to enhance the UK Club’s leading loss prevention initiatives supporting Member safety. The human element regularly features in maritime incidents handled at the Club and we’re pleased to introduce our Members to aviation’s approach to safety, problem solving and communication, reflected in CAE’s MCRM learning programme.”

For details on Member access to CAE’s MCRM learning materials and Train the Trainer support visit the UK Club MCRM page, or visit the CAE website.

Additionally, Members can contact our Loss Prevention department via Katie Hill.

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