What is Dry January?

Dry January is the annual movement through which millions of people give up alcohol for the month of January. In this article, Sophia Grant, Crew Health Programme Director shares her experience of participation in Dry January.

Doing Dry January:

  • Enables individuals to take control of their relationship with alcohol

  • Drives a conversation about alcohol: "Why do we drink it?", "What does it do?" and "How can we reduce the harm it can cause?"

Giving up alcohol for one month can bring improvements in concentration, blood pressure and blood sugar levels, not to mention the benefits for your liver. 

"Once again, this year I am taking part in the Dry January challenge and swapping my recreational alcoholic tipple for a glass of water! Within a couple of weeks into the challenge and I could already feel the benefits and can happily report it is not as difficult as I thought.

Although there will be times where I was tempted to break the abstinence (at social events with friends, business entertaining etc.), my resolve didn't waiver. The biggest benefit I have noticed is increased energy and better sleep. My skin is a little brighter and I feel more alert, particularly in the mornings. These benefits are most welcome after the seasonal festivities during the end of the year such as Christmas celebrations and New Year festivities

Here are my tips for getting through the month of "Dry January". 

  • Download the app for support and keeping track of your journey

  • Share your plans with friends so you can gain their support and they might help you if you feel like being impulsively derailed

  • If you do feel tempted, remind yourself why you started in the first place

  • Remove the temptation, plan for events where alcohol isn't key (e.g. sporting activities, cinema etc.)

At the end of January,there might be a tendency to revert to old habits (especially as my birthday is 1 February). However, after surviving without alcohol for a whole month, I might be encouraged to reduce my alcohol intake to continue the healthy lifestyle. I am sure my health will thank me for it."

Additional information and support on Dry January can be found here


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Sophia Grant

Crew Health Programme Director