Antigua - MLC 2006 compliance resources

Antigua's ratification of the MLC 2006 has been incorporated in the newly instituted 2012 Merchant Shipping Regulations which are attached to this page ( see "Antigua_SI_2012_15MLC2006Regulations.pdf" above).

A circular letter from the Antigua Department of Marine Services and Merchant Shipping (ADOMS) has been published to give guidance on compliance and Port State Control inspections ( see "Antigua_2012_circular_09-001-2012 MLC.pdf" attached above).

This latest circular replaces the earlier 'CAN 002-2011' which described a voluntary compliance procedure. The 2012 regulations replace the previous 2011 regulations.

Updated: 9 October 2012


  • Antigua SI 2012 15MLC2006Regulations (492 KB)


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  • 25573 - FINAL_682-2016-UKDC-R-A-v5 (351 KB)


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  • Antigua 2012 circular 09-001-2012 MLC Preparations for the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (233 KB)


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( Published in the Official Gazette Vol. XXXII No. 41