135 - 03/00 - Liquefaction of Concentrate Cargoes

We have been advised of two serious incidents involving cargo loaded at Bourgas, Bulgaria which we feel  Members should be aware of.

The cargoes involved were copper concentrates and baryte concentrates. In the first case the cargo of copper concentrate liquefied and in rough weather the vessel capsized and sank shortly before arriving at the discharge port. In the second case, shortly after leaving Bourgas with the cargo of Barytes on board, the ship had to deviate to a port of refuge due to an excessive list.

We understand in the case of the copper concentrate cargo, certification provided by shippers/producers left a lot to be desired in respect of details of flow point, moisture content, transportable moisture limit, stowage factor, angle of repose etc. In the case of the barytes no certificate at all was produced.

We are further advised that it is possible that no sampling or testing was carried out at all during the storage period or before loading.

The practices at this port would appear to be in question. We would therefore recommend members advise their crews to be particularly vigilant and refer them to the

Code of Safe Practice for Solid Bulk Cargoes (BC Code) -  Section 4: Assessment of acceptability of consignments for safe shipment  (page 13)

to which shippers/producers' attention should be drawn. If in any doubt

Section 8  Cargoes which may liquefy (test procedures)(page 24)

should be consulted and on board testing carried out.

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