168 - 12/00 - Reduction in Customs Dues Settlements October 2000 - Syria


We have been advised that on the 22nd October 2000 an  important decision relating to the settlement of customs dues, recently issued by the Minister of Finance in Syria, has been circulated by the General Manager of the Customs to all Customs County Directorates. We further understand the manager of the Customs Department in Lattakia has further circulated this to his own departments on 26th October 2000.

This decision is important in that it reduces the rate of settlement of customs contraventions from 25% to 10% of both the value of the goods subject to the contravention and the actual dues of cases still pending in the courts.We would advise Members that all settlements with the Syrian Customs still pending in the courts after the 26th October 2000 should be settled at no more than 10%.A copy of the decision, issued 22nd October 2000, can be found below.  Syrian Arab Republic
Ministry of Finance
General Directorate of the Customs Claims Dept.
No. 4537/2000

To the Customs Directorate in Lattakia

With reference to your letter No. 1595/2000 dated 14.10.2000, a copy of which is attached, subject of the letter of the Ministry of Finance No. 25100/15/23 dated 3.09.2000 concerning the dealing with customs fines imposed upon the shipping companies.

We approve your suggestion about settling amicably contraventions of marine manifests in accordance with settlement index concerning contraventions of shortage/excess, Clauses (31-32) of the index for a fine of ¼ of both value and dues, to be reduced to 1/10 irrespective of the capacity of the contravening side, public sector, private sector, foreign carrying companies or native, provided observing rules of foreign currency according to the nationality of the contravening side, and including all cases that have not become final by a definitive court decision.

Damascus 22 Nov., 2000
General manager of the Customs
Major General Adel Abdul Al

Lattakia Customs Directorate
Claims Dept.
No. 1595/2000

A copy to be addressed to all concerned departments

Lattakia 26.10.2000
Customs manager in Lattakia
Wajeeh Muhammed

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