246 - 05/02 - Caking/Compaction Problems Thai Refined Sugar - Laem Chabang - Thailand

We are presently aware of severe problems with a cargo of caked sugar (ex Thailand) in Algeria. The ship in question loaded a cargo of bagged sugar in Laem Chabang, Thailand 

for discharge in Algiers. On arrival in Algiers and on opening of the hatches, stoning and caking was found throughout the stow.

We understand that this is not an isolated incident and that there have been several similar recent cases of caking problems with refined sugar from this area, which has only just started exporting this type of cargo.It is believed that the sugar is being bagged at too high a temperature and/or with too high a moisture content. It seems that the sugar is not being left long enough after the refining process before being bagged.When carrying this type of cargo, we would recommend masters avoid loading any cargo with a temperature of over 35 degrees Centigrade. This is a rough guide only. If 

masters are concerned that the cargo is being loaded hot, they should contact the Club's local correspondent for further advice.

Source of Information:

Tony Fielder/Nick Milner (H1)


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