264 - 09/02 - Fumigation of Wood - China

We have been advised that the Chinese Government has recently published a new regulation on the fumigation of wooden packaging for shipment to mainland China, We understand that this will take effect from 1 October 2002.A pest-risk analysis by China's packaging experts show that the wooden crates used for goods from the EU have been found containing various pests that are dangerous to forests, such as the cerambycide, scolytidae, bostrychidae and rhinotermitidae etc.  In an aim to protect China's forests, ecological environment and tourism resources, in accordance with the provisions of the Law of the People's Republic of China (the Entry and Exit Animal and Plant Quarantine) the following emergency quarantine measures must be taken:

The wooden packaging for goods from EU shall be bark-free, heat-or-fume-treated or processed with other methods acknowledged by the Chinese authority and carry an official certificate from the quarantine authority of the exporting country approving the above quarantine treatment. Wooden packaging passing the treatment must be labelled, indicating the method, place and the unit that applied the treatment or its code. The technical requirements of the treatment will be published separately. For goods with non-wooden packaging, exporters must present a Non-wooden Packaging Declaration.

When the goods from EU enter China, importers must report to the entry and exit inspection and quarantine authority and present a Plant Quarantine Certificate or a Non-wooden Packaging Declaration. The entry and exit inspection and quarantine authority will sample and inspect according to the relevant regulations.

Packaging that qualifies will be issued an Entering Goods Pass. Disqualified packaging must undergo hazards-free treatment by the importers under the supervision of the inspection and quarantine authority or returned together with the goods.

Customs at the border ports will be required to tighten up the inspection and supervision of all goods from the European Union. Whether or not the entry and exit inspection and quarantine authority lists the goods from EU on the List of Commodities Subject to Inspection and Quarantine, the customs shall check for an additional Entering Goods Pass issued by the entry and exit inspection and quarantine authority. With regard to goods applying for port transfer, the customs of the transfer port shall check for the Entering Goods Pass issued by the local entry and exit inspection and quarantine authority before releasing the transferred goods.

Source of Information: Danny Ng - Thomas Miller (Hong Kong)


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