321 - 09/03 - New Regulations for Ship Waste and Cargo Residues - Italy


We have been advised that as of 6th August 2003 Italian ports have adopted new regulations implementing EC directive No 2000/59/CE. This directive governs the disposal of ship's waste and residues of cargo.

These new regulations, which aim to reduce the unlawful disposal of these substances, state that all ships (except fishing vessels and pleasure craft for maximum 12 persons), intending to call at an Italian port, must inform the Marine Authority with all required information at least:

  • 24 hours prior to estimated time of arrival (ETA) when the next port is designated
  • Upon leaving the last port if it was less than 24 hrs sailing time away
  • As soon as the next port is known when less than 24hrs from ETA

The ship must supply a complete list of the type of waste and cargo residues onboard detailing:

  • The amount of waste to be delivered
  • Maximum dedicated storage capacity onboard
  • Waste to be retained onboard
  • The port where it is intended to discharge the remaining waste
  • The amount of waste that will be generated from notification until the next port

This information must remain onboard until the next port call as it may be required by the local authorities.

If ships fail to comply with these new regulations they may be fined Euro 3000 to Euro 30 000.

We advise all Members to be aware of these new regulations and inform their chartering and operations departments of the above.

Source of information: Loss Prevention Department


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