566 - 2/08 - Restrictions on Filipino Crew - Nigeria

The Republic of the Philippines Department of Labour and Employment (DOLE) ban on the deployment of all Filipino workers to work in Nigeria has recently been clarified by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

The POEA published an Advisory Notice dated 31 January 2008 stating that the ban on Filipino crew applied to all ships entering Nigerian ports.

In light of significant pressure mounted by both foreign ship-owners and FAME (Filipino Association for Mariners Employment), the POEA have now issued a further Advisory Notice explaining that the ban on Filipino crew shall only apply to ships operating a liner service calling at Nigerian ports.

We are advised that the consequences for a manning agency found violating this order will result in the POEA pursuing both criminal and administration proceedings against the manning agency and, upon prima facie evidence of a violation, the immediate suspension of their licence.

The original DOLE notice in 2007 came about after several major incidents involving international ships and their crews coming under attack or kidnapping in and around Nigerian ports.

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