644 - 06/09 - Swine Flu Precautions - Yemen


The Association would like to draw the attention of Members to the measures taken by the Yemeni Ministry of Transport to protect against the spread of Swine Flu.

The measures and precautions set in place by a circular issued recently are outlined below and apply to all Yemeni ports.

1. The Yemen Red Sea Ports Corporation will provide protective masks to all employees working in direct contact with vessels arriving from infected areas such as pilots and stevedores.

2. All navigational companies shall issue masks to workers and other personnel who are required to work onboard ships.

3. No crew shall be landed ashore from vessels arriving at the port, except in an emergency when coordinated by the quarantine department.

4. Passengers of tourist vessels should undergo a medical test, endorsed by the Master and carried out by the ships doctor before they are given shore permits. The results of these tests should be passed onto the quarantine department so that suitable certification can be arranged. Immigration and passport authorities will not allow any passenger ashore unless they have an official medical certificate provided by the quarantine department.

5. The Harbour Master will send a copy of the vessels Notice of Arrival to the quarantine department once it is received from the ships agent to help with preparations. This notice shall contain information concerning the vessels previous ports.

Source of information:

Gulf Agency Company (Yemen) Ltd



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