707 - 07/10 - Pipeline explosion - Dalian - China


The Association would like to update Members about the current situation in Dalian following a large explosion and subsequent oil spill.

Late last week, a pipeline exploded during tanker discharge operations, resulting in a large fire and causing around 1,500 tonnes of crude oil to be spilled into the sea. A number of specialist clean up vessels and small fishing boats have been deployed to assist with the operation.

Following initial closures and disruptions, container operations have returned to normal but some disruptions are still being experienced in the tanker and dry bulk areas. It has been noted that a number of vessel have been stained by oil in the port and oil that has drifted with tide and current into the fairway. If a vessel is stained by oil, it may be necessary to arrange hull cleaning before departure.

All departures will have to be approved by the MSA after the vessel's hull has been checked. Due to the limited resources in Dalian, some vessel's may experience delays when waiting for hull cleaning and it is advisable to arrange this service in advance.

Members are advised to contact their local agent, or the Club's correspondent, prior to arrival to obtain the latest information. In some situations it may be better to re-route vessels to Bayuquan or Jinzhou to avoid delays caused by this incident.

Source of Information:

Huatai Insurance Agency & Consultant Service Ltd,



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