736 - 01/11 - Changes to Navigational Channel - Shanghai


Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) have advised changes to the navigational channels in the area of the Yangzi river. To this effect all foreign vessels are expected to carry the appropriate charts as of 1 March 2011.

The MSA issued a notice stating that buoys and other navigation aids have recently been repositioned. For the safety of navigation, seagoing ships are required, from 1st March 2011, to obtain a copy of the new chart before visiting the area (domestic ships are required to comply with this from 20th January 2011). The MSA has not issued an English version of the notice yet.

For the purposes of navigational safety and to avoid potential fines the Club would recommend that any vessel calling Shanghai or surrounding area to contact their agent well in advance to obtain copies of the new chart. If the ship has difficulty obtaining a copy of the relevant chart, an electronic chart can be download from the MSA website using the following link: http://www.shmsa.gov.cn

Source of information: Peter Lau, Claims Director,

Thomas Miller (Asia Pacific)



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