832 - 07/12 - North American Emissions Control Area; Fuel Oil non-availability guidance - USA

Since the inception of the North American Emissions Control Area (ECA) there have been questions surrounding the availability of sufficient fuel oil required to sustain the needs of maritime traffic in that region. To this end the US EPA recently issued guidelines on actions to be taken if fuel oil, of a compliant grade, is not available.

The Guidance, issued along with this bulletin, gives details of the following;

• Guidance on how to make a non-availability claim

• Details the geographic boundaries of the ECA

• Details of MARPOL fuel oil sulphur standards

• Which vessels are requires to comply

• Required evidence to be collated, recorded and presented

• Guidance on the different fuel grades and requirements of special vessel types

• Information to be presented in a fuel non-availability report claim

• When to send and where to file the Fuel Oil Non Availability Report

• Other records actions and details for obtaining additional information

The full text of the full guidance document as published by the US EPA is distributed along with this bulletin and can also be found at the following web address;


Source of Information:

Loss Prevention dept.

UK P&I Club




  • Friday 27 July 2007 (91 KB)


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  • Interim Guidance on the Non-Availability of Compliant Fuel Oil for the North American Emission Control Area (310 KB)


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