1123 - 01/17 - New Email Scam Payment Diversion Fraud - Worldwide


It has come to the Club's attention that there is a new email scam looking to obtain funds by fraudulent payment diversion. Members are reminded of the importance of properly scrutinising emails and addresses before replying.

Emails have been received purporting to be from ships or owners asking to verify fund transfers, to arrange for surveyors or to arrange for tug services.

In the recent cases suspicion was aroused as there was no club information, agent information or arrival date and no copy to the head office. In addition, whilst the email address in the body of the email looked legitimate, the email address in the email header was from what looked like a personal 'Gmail' account.

Below is a copy of an email received by one of our correspondents in the US. Through their vigilance the scam was spotted due to the email address and reported to our Signum Services for further investigation.

From: MASTER ZAMBEZI STAR [mailto:angelgift163@gmail.com]
Sent: 23 January 2017 14:09
Subject: Zambezi Star/voy 20_16/Pre-Arrival Docs/ P&I (SURVEYOR..
Ref: voy 20_16/Pre-Arrival Docs
Good DayThe payment made for the settlement of the claims was returned back to our account.
We suggest you confirm from the attached if the account details provided was correct
becasue out correspondent went on leave.
Attached pre- arrival docs, ship's store & crew effect will come back soonest.We will need an expert surveyor to go check the extent of damage and we will need
the services of a professional lawyer.
Pls arrange two tugs for berthing, unberthing.
Best Regards
K. Delegacz- Master
V-Sat: +47 236 79 586 (Bridge)
V-Sat: +47 236 79 587 (Ships Office/ CCR)
V-Sat: +47 236 79 585 (Master Cabin)
Sat Phn: +870 773 367 861
Telex: 423 591 833/84
master.zambezistar@skyfile.comSource of Information

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