1161 - 12/18 - Manifold Samples - Saudi Arabia


The Club has recently been notified drawing manifold samples is not allowed in Sabtank terminal in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

The International Group Secretariat have approached Sabtank Terminal and they advise as follows:


At any of the Sabtank berths in the Industrial port of Al Jubail manifold samples are not allowed unless the vessel has a closed sampling system fitted.   There are also restrictions imposed by the Saudi Customs Directorate with regards to products loaded at Sabtank which require special permissions for any samples.   The safety rule was implemented many years ago after a spate of serious incidents including a fire which occurred when a manifold sampling point was being used. The risk assessment from that time decided that preventing any reoccurrence was more important than the commercial consideration of cargo claims which is the normal rationale for such requests.


We would like to draw our tanker Members attention to this as it might potentially have serious implications when dealing with cargo quality claim/dispute.

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