1169 - 0819 - Mandatory AIS - Indonesian Territorial Waters



The Club's Indonesian Correspondents, SPICA, have advised that every ship sailing in Indonesian territorial waters are now required to install and activate an automatic identification system (AIS). The regulation will take effect from 20 August 2019.

Director of Navigation of the Directorate General of Sea Transportation at the Ministry of Transportation says the Master is obliged to activate and provide correct information to AIS. If AIS is not functioning, the Master is required to inform the relevant authority and record the incident appropriately.

For Indonesian flagged vessels, the regulation further differentiates between AIS Class A and Class B.


Any regulation is incomplete without sanctions. Vessels may be imposed administrative sanctions by suspending its departure approval until the AIS is installed and active on the ship.

If a Master does not activate AIS during the voyage and does not provide correct information, an administrative sanction may be in the form of revocation of the certificate of endorsement (COE).

Likewise, foreign vessels that do not carry out their obligations will be subject to sanctions in accordance with the Tokyo MOU and its changes.

Source of Information

Loss Prevention / SPICA Services (Indonesia)


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