Clause 4 - Additional Insurances

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Clause 4 - Additional Insurances

A.     Subject to the Articles, the Managers may accept entries of ships on terms which afford cover to an Assured against any special or additional risks not set out in Clause 2. The nature and extent of the risks and the terms of the cover shall be as agreed in writing between the Assured and the Managers.

B.     Notwithstanding Clause 1(4), an Assured may be insured on the special term that the risks insured may arise otherwise than in respect of the entered ship or otherwise than in connection with the operation of chartering the entered ship provided always that this shall have been expressly agreed in writing between the Assured and the Managers.

C.     Without prejudice to the generality of paragraphs A & B of this Clause, an Assured may be insured against such of the risks set out in Appendix I as may be appropriate to its interest in an entered ship or to its operations as a Charterer, but only by special agreement in writing with the Managers and upon such terms and conditions as the Managers may require.

NOTE: A collection of such insurances can be found in Appendix I and Appendix II.