Circular 10/98: Year 2000 - The Millennium Bug


Dear Sirs,


As previously advised by the Club's

We are now pleased to enclose with this letter the Ship2000™ Toolkit, which has been developed to provide practical assistance to Members in addressing the Millennium problem. It provides an explanation of the problem posed by the Year 2000 - Millennium Bug - and a methodology for addressing and managing it. We would, however, stress that any recommendations within the toolkit are for guidance purposes only and you are responsible for your own comprehensive Year 2000 Compliance Programmes.

Members will also recall that a series of conferences are being organised with the backing of all the P&I Clubs within the International Group, the Through Transport Club and the International Transport Intermediaries Club, and supported by BIMCO and the International Chamber of Shipping. The conferences will be held in Singapore on 9 June, Hong Kong on 11 June, London on 15 June and Miami on 18 June, 1998, and you are strongly encouraged to attend at the most convenient venue. (An additional conference is being arranged in Athens and is likely to be on 29 June. A firm announcement giving details of this conference will follow shortly). There is a session at the conference demonstrating the contents of the toolkit and how you can use it. Delegates will also receive a copy of the toolkit at the conference as part of the overall conference package. Further copies are available from the conference organiser, but you should note that you are entitled to make copies of this toolkit for use within your own organisation or any subsidiary or associated company.

Yours faithfully


, circular 7/98, the Directors of the Club have approved a series of measures designed to assist the Members of the Association to identify the problems in relation to their own operations.

Staff Author