Circular 13/05: Taiwan Marine Pollution Control Act and Compulsory Insurance


  • Compulsory pollution insurance and guarantee requirements will take effect on 1st July, 2005 without grace period.
  • Official confirmation by EPA of acceptability of Club Certificates of Entry yet to be advised.

  • Members should ensure original copy of vessel's Certificate of Entry is on board in case of Coast Guard inspection.


Dear Sirs

Taiwan Marine Pollution Control Act and Compulsory Insurance

As previously advised in the Association's circular ref 10/05, the insurance or guarantee requirements under the Marine Pollution Control Act (the Act) will take effect from 1st July, 2005. However, there is now no indication that a grace period will be granted by the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA).

The International Group has again written to the EPA regarding the acceptability of Clubs' Certificate of Entry as satisfactory insurance evidence under the Act. While an official confirmation of the EPA is awaited, the situation is somewhat uncertain although the EPA has verbally indicated that such Certificates of Entry are acceptable.

It is understood that the Coast Guard will perform random checks by boarding vessels in accordance with the procedural guidelines that the EPA prepares. Under the circumstances, Members are advised to carry on board an original copy of the vessel's Certificate of Entry in the event of the Coast Guard's inspection.

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Staff Author