FESCO anniversary presentation - Celebrating 130 years

On 3rd July James Baker (right) presented a magnificent glass charger to Vladimir Korchanov, Managing Director of FESCO during a ceremony in Vladivostok to celebrate their 130 years.They have been Members of the UK P&I Club for 40 years. FESCO Director Mr Pavel Vasilchenko is also a Director on the Club Board.

The anniversary present from the Club is "The Corsair Dish" as engraved on it are the opening four lines of Byron's poem, "The Corsair". The engraved words are a Russian translation of this classic poem which Lord Byron wrote in 1814 and was the basis of Verdi's opera "Il Corsaro".

O'er the glad waters of the dark blue seaOur thoughts are boundless and our souls are freeFar as the breeze can bear, the billows foamSurvey our empire, and behold our home

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