Chauncy Maples on course

The Chauncy Maples project has reached a tipping point, having raised more than half the funds (in cash and in kind) needed to renovate Africa's oldest ship. Important preparatory work such as surveying the hull has already been carried out. Just before Christmas, MV Chauncy Maples was pulled up out of the water onto the slipway at the Monkey Bay shipyard of Mota-Engil's subsidiary, Malawi Shipping Company.

ITF Seafarers' Trust make Major Donation

In March, a major grant of £100,000 was awarded to The Chauncy Maples Malawi Trust by the ITF Seafarers' Trust. It will support the renovation of the ship. A further £20,000 for the prevention of HIV/AIDS among maritime and fishing communities on Lake Malawi. Tom Holmer of the ITF Seafarers' Trust said, "We are very pleased to be involved with the Chauncy Maples." This makes ITF our second Special Founder.

Leading Brands Donate Parts

Donations in kind are just as important and currently negotiations are under way for an initial £750,000 worth of parts, mainly for the hull, engines, liquid and electrical systems. The Trust expects over 50% of this to be donated outright or by discounts many of which are already averaging more than 50%.

Major brands are supporting the project. ZF, one of the world's leading makers of gearboxes, has generously donated the gearbox and engine controls worth £25,000; they become a Founder. Also Amtico, international flooring experts, have generously donated 280 square metres of quality flooring - enough to cover all the working and accommodation areas. This is worth over £10,000, making Amtico a Benefactor.

Mark Holford, Thomas Miller's Director of CSR and Fundraising Director of the Trust said:

"The signs are very positive that these companies will be joined by many more generous marine manufacturers. The industry is reacting wonderfully towards the project and there is a clear snowball effect." He added that the Trust through Thomas Miller would be shortly launching a campaign to raise the money to fund the balance of the cost of the parts.

New faces at Chauncy Maples Malawi Trust

The Trust is delighted that Alan West, former First Sea Lord, Admiral Baron West of Spithead GCB DSC PC has agreed to become a patron. He had a distinguished career in the UK's Royal Navy and his international profile is a tremendous boost to the project.

Two new trustees have joined the board of the Trust. Colin Hayton is taking the role of Chair after working at the highest levels of management in the National Health Service. Bob Grainger, Thomas Miller's Group Director of Pensions and Services, also become a Trustee.

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