EU Council Press Release: 11808/12 - EU sanctions against Iran: exemptions to end on 1 July



Luxembourg, 25 June 2012



EU sanctions against Iran: exemptions to end on 1 July

The latest package of EU sanctions against Iran will apply as earlier decided. Following a

review of the measures, the Council confirmed that they would remain as approved in


This means that two exemptions will end, as scheduled, on 1 July: Contracts for importing

Iranian oil that were concluded before 23 January will have to be terminated by 1 July.

From the same date, EU insurers may no more provide third-party liability and

environmental liability insurance for the transport of Iranian oil.

This latest package of sanctions against Iran was adopted in January 2012 and targets the

Iranian nuclear programme and its sources of finance. The measures were taken in relation

to the EU's serious concerns over Iran's nuclear programme. The objective of the EU

remains to achieve a comprehensive, long-term settlement on the basis of meaningful

negotiations between the E3+3 and Iran.

For more details about the decisions adopted on 23 January 2012, see press release and

Council decision of 23 January as well as the implementing legislation adopted in March.

An overview of all restrictive measures against Iran can be found in the factsheet European

Union and Iran.


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