Renewal information on your iPad

The UK Club has launched its "iPANDI" iPad based app to provide up to date underwriting information for members and their insurance brokers, even when on the move.

The iPANDI app downloads underwriting data via the Club's IT systems and presents it conveniently in both graphic and table formats. The data can be viewed off line, for example on planes or away from the office. 

Security is maintained by a unique licence key to access member information. The licence key is only entered once to initiate the data download to the iPad.  Keys are supplied through your usual underwriting contact at the Club.

The UK Club's Underwriting Director, Christopher Brown, explained, "Our Members and brokers have challenged us to find better ways to share information." 

"We have tested some conventional apps for simple information, but iPandi is the game-changer as it is the first to link directly to the underwriting systems of the club.  It feeds the latest record statement data, including underlying claims cost information, to the iPad.  Consequently, members and brokers can choose to view an updated loss record statement at any time." 

"All the renewal information they need is at their fingertips.  Importantly, if information changes whilst on the move a simple refresh brings them fully up to date." 

Obtaining a copy of iPandi

The iPandi app is supplied via the App Store on the Apple iTunes website.  A new dedicated area of the UK Club website ( provides direct links to downloading the app as well as a range of support resources on the app such as FAQs.

Our new Apps & Social Media page carries links to a variety of other useful resources that Members can access via smartphones, tablets or conventional computers.  The recently launched MLC 2006 app can be found via that page.  In addition the Club's communications via Linked In, Twitter, podcasts and email bulletins are also displayed with guidance on how they can keep you abreast of Club and industry news and advice.

Staff Author