New clinic in Philippines joins UK P&I Club Crew Health Programme

UK P&I Club Crew Health Programme are pleased to announce a new clinic available to Members in the Philippines, YGEIA Medical Centre Inc.

Members employing Filipino crew are now able to access the UK Club enhanced Crew Health Programme in Bacolod City via "YGEIA Medical Centre Inc".

Crew Health Programme Director Sophia Bullard says "We are delighted to welcome YGEIA Medical Centre Inc. to our network of clinics in the Philippines. The clinic is our first screening facility in Bacolod City and the team at YGEIA Medical Centre Inc offer an additional resource of medical screening services for our Members".

The clinic is duly accredited by the Department of Health (DOH) in consultation with Philippine Overseas Employment Authority (POEA) and Marine Industry Authority (MARINA) to conduct pre-employment medical examinations for seafarers and is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Captain Napoleon Paterakis, Chairman & CEO of the clinic says "YGEIA Medical Center Inc. believes your seafarers are a company's greatest asset and resource. This is the primary reason why we are very much concerned about seafarers health, safety and medical needs. To assist our doctors in making accurate diagnoses, we are equipped with the latest in imaging technology equipment which we believe helps reduce crew illness claims for the Club and Members. We give special attention to pre-existing health conditions and understand the time is very essential in your operation which is why YGEIA Medical Center Inc. is open on SATURDAYS, SUNDAYS and HOLIDAYS. The clinic is a one-stop shop housed 24/7".

Further information can be found on the clinic website:

Sophia Grant

Crew Health Programme Director