Press Release: The impact of Coronavirus - UK Club provides Members with FAQs

The Coronavirus pandemic has understandably generated a significant number of enquiries and questions from Members in recent weeks. In response to these enquiries, the UK P&I Club has sought to inform Members of the guidelines it will be working to and to answer some of the more common questions received regarding the impact of COVID-19 and the operation of Club cover. These FAQs have been placed on the Club's website.

The UK Club has provided guidance to a number of Member enquiries, such as the following:

  • Where a crewmember falls ill or dies due to COVID-19, is this covered under the ship's P&I entry?
  • What costs are covered under the Club's quarantine rule?
  • Will the Club reimburse crew medical costs and sick wages in circumstances where coronavirus is suspected to have been contracted during a crewmember's employment on board an entered ship but was not detected until their return home due to the incubation period?
  • In the event it is necessary for an entered ship to divert to arrange medical treatment ashore for a crewmember who has contracted COVID-19, what costs are covered by P&I?

Andrew Taylor, CEO, UK P&I Club, says: "In this unprecedented and extremely challenging time, we are committed to providing guidance to our Members on the impact of COVID-19 and the operation of Club cover.  We have therefore collated the most common questions raised by our Members over recent weeks.  The answers to these key questions highlight potential issues which may arise and provide reassurance to Members during this ongoing crisis."

For the full list of Q&As for Members, please go to: FAQ: Covid-19 and Club cover


For further details, please contact:

Jon Atkins/ Alastair Doyle/ James Hoey

Four Communications

UKP& / +44 (0) 20 3697 4200

Notes to Editors

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